The Batch - DIY Kefir 2 months supply.

The Batch - DIY Kefir 2 months supply.

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A standard batch consists of:

  • 2 x 500ml Coconut Kefir bottles ready to drink (do not freeze these).

  • 3 x One Litre frozen young coconut waters.

The One Litre frozen young coconut waters are used to reinoculate the MOTHER bottles once you've finished drinking these.

When you receive your batch:

• Place your 2 x 500ml glass bottles into the fridge. You can keep it in the fridge whenever you aren’t re-inoculating/re-fermenting your kefir. Keeping it refrigerated slows down the ongoing fermentation of your kefir.

• Place the three frozen containers of young coconut water in the freezer. DO NOT STORE THE GLASS MOTHER BOTTLE IN THE FREEZER. IT COULD SHATTER OR EXPLODE.

For more information on how to care for your Batch, please click here.

Not sure how much to take? Have a look at the recommended serving size.

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