JUN kombucha SCOBY (Organic)

JUN kombucha SCOBY (Organic)

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Jun tea is similar to kombucha tea however it is prepared with green tea and honey instead of black tea and sugar. 

Jun kombucha is the result from the SCOBY eating the sugars in the honey during the fermentation process, leaving you with fizzy Jun kombucha!

Our Jun kombucha SCOBYs are grown and nurtured under license so that when they leave us they are resilient and ready for their new home.

You just need green tea, honey, glass jar and a fine woven cotton top!

What you get in a heat-sealed food-grade pouch is

1 Newly grown, well-fed and nourished Jun kombucha SCOBY

+-1/4 cup of starter tea

Instructions, recipes and ongoing one to one support if required.

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